Winter is here in the Ionian!

We have been so lucky here in Lefkada with sunny autumn days right up until this weekend when the first cold weather arrived. In most other European countries as the days got shorter, it got colder, but here I still saw people sitting on the beaches at Kastro and Gyra and even some swimming! Now, with this cold turn, it is time to relax with a blanket on the sofa and a cup of Greek mountain tea!

My mind can't relax, I am thinking about the summer holidays again for 2021. What will happen in the summer with COVID-19? Will people be able to travel? If yes, will people book a holiday to Greece?

Tourism is a major industry in Greece and this summer was the first time in fifty years, we had to understand we cannot take it for granted. In Lefkada, we are fortunate that our island is connected to the mainland by a bridge, so we had a good amount of tourists in August and September this summer. Especially Greek tourists from the big cities as they did not want to travel on ferries to the Agean and Cyclades. Despite the restrictions, I saw that people wanted to take a break from the situation in their home country as well as Greek people who live in the big cities.

There were measurements to ensure tourists felt safe when they were travelling and visiting the island and I saw that the tourists were respectful of these, with masks and keeping a safe distance when checking in to my villas.

Right now, we are entering week 3 of lockdown, and I have the privilege of living on this fantastic island. I can take exercise and walk outside exploring the streets of the old town, walking along the causeway to the bridge and around the lagoon. There are many birds here in this period, flamingoes, heron and the black egret that come for the fish in the lagoon. I am enjoying the peacefulness and seeing the marina here in the town calms my mind and brings back good memories of summer.

Dreaming of your next holiday while in lockdown?

See the X-LH villas here for your perfect Lefkada holiday.

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