Why I am happy to be in Lefkada in lockdown?

Of all places in the world to be on lockdown, I am so happy to be in Lefkada during this period. A lockdown is no fun, let’s be honest, but I think if I lived in a big city I would have crawled up the wall by now!

Generally during the winter Lefkada is very quiet, just the local people going about their business in the mornings and drinking coffee. So here with our life on the Greek island, we are already used to spending a lot of time at home, especially after a busy summer season. People often ask me why the Ionian is so green and it’s because of the rainfall that we regularly experience in winter. Yes it’s fun splashing through the puddles, my daughter loves that but Jack the dog not so much! And… then your shoes are soaking wet and take 5 days to dry because we miss the warm summer sun.

Now during the lockdown, luckily we can go out for a walk or do our shopping. Greece responded quickly with an SMS permission system and you enter code by text message and with a ‘beep’ we get our ok to pop outside in the fresh air for a walk on the beach with the dog. Our favourite time is the morning, when it is super quiet, sitting on the beach looking at the clear blue water and beautiful green nature in the mountains. I occasionally have a tear because of the peace and splendor of the island of Lefkada, our adopted home.

Do I think about returning to Rotterdam? Sometimes, yes, it is only natural, but my wanderlust since I have lived here has also completely disappeared. Lefkada is the place for me to grow old and to stay during this lockdown. And I am very proud of this country, because according to the statistics they reacted perfectly and Greece was locked down ahead of time. It's uncertain times for everyone around the world, but better times are coming. As the Greeks say, there is always avrio, tomorrow to look forward to.

Stay safe and hope to see you in Lefkada soon!


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