My 5 tips to visit Lefkada Town!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

There is a lot to do in Lefkas town, especially during the summer. I personally would choose to stay in the town for 1 or 2 days and there are many possibilities.

1. Culture

There are several museums, including the large archaeological museum and several smaller ones which are great for a quick culture fix!

You can have a walk through the Marina, one of the most modern in the Mediterranean Sea. Extended in 2003 and it has moorings for over 600 yachts and sailing ships. I like to go here for a coffee and enjoy the views of the boats and the town while I check my emails; not a bad office view!

2. Beach Life

Lazy days at the beach are close by at Gyra and Kastro at the end of the causeway. My daughter and I did this short walk almost daily in the summer of 2019. It is lovely, just 15 minutes and you see the sun reflecting off the sea and feel the salty air around you.

3. Nature and health

At least once a week in the evening, we try to walk around the Lagoon, from the town to Agios Ioannis, and the Windmills. If the wind is right then you will see all the colored sails of the kite surfers. From there we make a round walk to Gyra, Kastro and back into Lefkada town which makes a 7 km walk total. During September/October pink flamingos visit us as they migrate south for the winter and the Lagoon is full with these pink birds. It’s such a pretty sight!

4. Shop & Eat

In Lefkada town there are many boutiques mainly with clothing and jewelry from Greek designers. The main shopping street Ioannou Mela is pedestrian and full of life in the mornings and evenings.

Coffee culture is big in Greece and in Lefkada sit in the main square or along the canal, take in the view and enjoy the people watching!

Eating can be quick and tasty at the gyros shop, a traditional experience at a Mezodopoleio or taverna or a modern Greek dining experience at the restaurants in the main square and marina.

5. Discover the old town streets

I love to walk through the small narrow streets of the old town. Here the architecture consists mainly of wooden houses with various pastel colors. In 1948 there was a very big earthquake which is why the old town has so many colors because when rebuilding the city they used the materials wood and corrugated iron from the ruined houses. At that time my father was two years old and ended up under the rubble, which made my father very hard of hearing in his right ear, so we always have to shout at him. For him it’s an excuse to say “I am Greek, we are very emotional people we always shout”! We do not exactly know when my father’s birthday is, because with the ruin of the buildings many documents got destroyed in the Town Hall and churches. All we know is that he was born in May 1946.

For a relaxing break in one of the historic buildings take a look at Levkosh Apartments

To discover more about the history of Lefkada old town, please contact me for a private or group guided tour :

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