In the area of Drymonas, in the western part of Lefkada, lies the DRIMONAS VILLAS complex of holiday rental homes, only 17 km from the town of Lefkada.

Our villas consist of four (4) functional and autonomous houses, all of which are 80 m2. Each house has its own special name: Artemis, Erato, Aphrodite and Iris.

Just 5 km from our villas lies the well-known beach of Kathisma, where you can enjoy the clean waters of the Ionian Sea at any time of the day. There are also numerous restaurants and cafés where you can try local delicacies and enjoy your coffee. Other nearby beaches at a distance of 6 to 8 km include Agios Nikitas, Lagada and Kavalikefta, where you will also find restaurants and cafés. We can guarantee you that this will be a holiday to remember.

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Villa Erato Villa Erato will impress you with the incredible view of the Ionian Sea and the unique sunset is breathtaking! Inside the villa awaits you a warm environment with the presence of wood quite intense. The high quality construction of the villa will leave you speechless as well as its huge veranda! The villa pool is private and ideal to relax enjoying the amazing view. The exterior of the villa is full of greenery that makes you feel like you are in the heart of nature away from the city’s bustle. It is suitable for families who want to relax and spend creative time with their children but also for romantic couples seeking their privacy. It consists of 2 bedrooms each has 1 double bed and 1 hydro massage bath. The kitchen is fully equipped with a coffee maker, a large refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, ceramic and glassware. There is also a washing machine, iron and ironing board. Extra sheets, pillows and towels are provided. It can be up to 5 people, as the couch in the living room becomes a bed. Free internet will be at any point in or out of the villa and at a special speed. The town of Lefkada is 15 km from our villa and at 2 km you will meet the superb beach Kathisma. The endless beauty and stunning sea views will make it really hard for you to leave this little paradise on earth! Splendid sunsets, the different colors at the sea and sky and the endless horizon will set your eyes and spirit free. Privacy, luxury and convenience at the maximum will provide you an unforgettable holiday and a willing to come again and again…..! I do not need to tire you anymore you can visit us to experience this experience!

Villa Iris The interior and exterior spaces of our new luxury Irida villa will fascinate you as it is a high-quality construction. From every part of the villa you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Ionian Sea as well as the different colors that the sea and the sky take when the sun goes down! The greenery that floods the villa’s area is very rich and extremely matched to the rest of the environment. Its interior consists of 2 bedrooms with 1 double bed and 1 hydromassage bath. The kitchen is fully equipped, it offers a coffee maker, a microwave oven, a large fridge, toaster, ceramic and glass utensils. In addition, towels, sheets and pillows, iron, ironing board and washing machine are provided. It can stay up to 5 people because the couch has the possibility to convert to a comfortable bed. You will have excellent internet speeds in the villa as well as in the whole external space. The closest beach is only 2km away and is called Kathisma. Further you will find the picturesque village of Agios Nikitas, where you can take a walk to its paved alleys and find good food. The center of Lefkada is 15km away. The private pool is ideal for relaxing in the sun and the moon .. Our villa is suitable for families who want to calm but also for couples seeking privacy in their holidays .. We are waiting for you to discover this paradise on your own .. !!

Villa Artemis The beauty of our Artemis villa is respectable, due to the endless view of the Ionian Sea. The feeling of the contrast between the colors of the sky at sunset and the green of the village of Drymonas, which is placed near to our villa, undoubtedly will impress you. Our villa has a private pool where it gives you the opportunity to relax at any time of day. Our home can accommodate up to 5 people. It consists of 2 bedrooms, which have 1 double bed, separate bath with hydromassage and in the living room there is a quite comfortable sofa that converts into a bed. To the kitchen it is easy to find various household cooking utensils and coffee tableware, toaster, dishwasher and electric fridge. Additional towel and bed linen are offered for your most comfortable stay. For your better service, we also offer washing machine, iron and ironing boards. Free internet will be at any point in or out of the villa and at a special speed. Just 2km away, you will find the famous beach Kathisma and just below the beautiful village of Agios Nikitas. The town of Lefkada is 15km away from our villa. The combination of the privacy, the luxury and the peculiarity of the landscape will make your holidays unforgettable. We will be glad to host you ..!

Villa Aphrodite The loneliness of Villa Aphrodite is its main feature and for this reason it is ideal for visitors who want absolute tranquility to relax away from the  bustle and tiring fast pace of the city. The amazing view of Aphrodite’s site will undoubtedly impress you. The special decoration inside will leave you  the same impressions with its exterior space and its unique view. Its private swimming pool is suitable for relaxation moments during the day and  especially when the sun goes down the landscape is transformed into something magical. The villa can accommodate up to 5 people as it consists of 2  bedrooms with double bed and separate bath with a hydromassage. The living room includes a quite comfortable couch that becomes a bed and while  continuing to the kitchen you will find it fully equipped with all the necessary household utensils, toaster, dishwasher, coffee maker and large  refrigerator. Extra towels and pillows are provided as well as a washing machine, iron and ironing board for your perfect service!! Free internet will  be at any point in or out of the villa and at a special speed. Within a short distance of 2 km, there is a beach named Kathisma, one of the most popular  and most impressive beaches of our island. In small distance the village of Agios Nikitas and the center of our town is only 15 km away. The endless  beauty and the unbelievable view of the Ionian Sea cοmbined with the wonderful colors that the sea and the sky take at sunset will surprise you!  Nature and tranquility are the only words to describe Villa Aphrodite, creating the desire to re-visit us again!


Free WiFi

Flat screen TVs

Air conditioning

Swimming pool

Sea view

Private parking




Exanthia Village serves as Lefkada’s 'big balcony' from which the best views of the island’s glorious golden sunsets can be enjoyed.


Perched on Mount Elati, charming Karya is known for its stone houses and traditional needlework embroidery made by the village’s women.


A vehicle-free zone, this picturesque traditional village serves up local specialties, and the adjacent Milos Beach is a must-see.


Pefkoulia beach - 4.3km

Kathisma beach - 2.5km 



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